As fidget spinners continue to grow in popularity, they might have made their way onto your child’s back to school wish list. However, the effectiveness of these fidget toys have been hotly debated by teachers and parents alike.  Ultimately, schools and parents are left with one question; should fidget spinners be allowed in the classroom.

Distracting or Focus Enhancing?

Many kids play with devices, doodle, or somehow occupy their hands during class.  Sitting still is difficult for all of us at times, but especially for school age children whose minds often wander or begin daydreaming instead of paying attention in class. As a solution to this, the fidget spinner is said to help children focus better by giving their hands something to do without encouraging further distractions. Yet, while some agree that it works, others argue that it causes more disruption to their learning and can even cause other children to lose focus in class.

A Toy or a Tool?

Part of the reason fidget spinners are being talked about on a school level is due to the phenomenal demand it has created from kids and adults. Adults use it at work as a way of preventing idleness and consider it a useful tool.  Still, as it becomes mass produced in a variety of colors and styles, the fidget spinner may be seen as more of a desirable toy than a remedy for distraction.  If you are thinking of purchasing one for your child, ask them what they think it is to be used for and how it will help them. Their answer should give you an idea of how it will be used.

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2 thoughts on “Fidget Spinners in the Classroom: Good or Bad?

  1. Toy! Please don’t allow them at school! My child doesn’t have one because it’s just a fad and there have been a lot of reports of children getting cut by them and also reports that the ones from China contain lead.

    1. Hi Nicole!

      Thanks for responding to our post. We value the inputs of our parents and we just wanted to hear the thoughts on this hot issue. It is not necessarily something we are discussing at this time.

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