Winter time, often comes with the temptation for kids to snuggle up to their gadgets and indulge way too much screen time; therefore, take deliberate steps to build them a winter routine that includes plenty of physical activity. Below are listed 5 great ways to keep your child active this winter.

  • Physically-Engaging Video Games

One severe strain on modern parenting the excessive timeframe children tend to spend on their screen.  A video game that allows the full-body have active controls, will ensure they have the much needed physical activity while also satisfying their’ gaming excitement.

Modern game systems create avenues for kids to mimic some activities performed while playing certain sports like bowling or tennis, which allows them to exercise their coordination and release some energy.

  • Explore the Skating Rink or A Bowling Center

Winter is just the season for skating on ice or wheels in metro Detroit. Kids enjoy skating a lot and it is a great way to burn off calories. Many local skating rinks even offer passes for frequent visits.

Another fantastic activity is bowling as it gives the opportunity for moving around socializing with friends.Your child might even be interested in a bowling league for added structure and competition.

  • Swimming

The metro Detroit area has many indoor pools available for full use during these winter months. Swimming is a perfect full body workout and kids of all ages and skill levels can participate. This is a sure fire way to wear your children out when outside activities are not an option.

  • Scavenger Hunts

If you have a large group of kids, a scavenger hunt is a terrific indoor activity to try out with them. Just split them up into different teams, giving the various teams a number of activities to carry-out or items to collect. Make flexible game rules, and let them compete to know how many of the listed items the different team will collect within the given time frame.

  • Mini Golf In Your Home

Affordable and inexpensive, plastic kid-sized golf clubs are a perfect addition to your winter activity toolbelt. Adding a number of plastic cups to the golf club will give your kids fresh targets to aim for and keep them excited and active for very long hours.