Fourth of July Safety

The 4th of July weekend is almost here! We hope that you all enjoy the holiday weekend with your family.

Here are a few tips to keep you and your children safe during the weekend.

• Light fireworks far away from other people. An unexpected or badly time launch can hurt those nearby.
• Children should be kept far away from launch areas to ensure they cannot run out and grab the fireworks.
• Do not leave fireworks or sparklers within reach of your children.
• Although young children are often seen with sparklers, they should only be used by children 7 years and older.
• You should not light fireworks in the direction of your homes or the homes of others.
• Avoid lighting fireworks in an area full of leaves and bush as they tend to be dry and can catch fire.
• Discard defective fireworks and do not attempt to relight.
• Before discarding fireworks, soak them in a bucket of water.

Have a Fun & Safe Holiday!

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How to Help Your Child Transition to Kindergarten

While you are enjoying the summer fun with your preschoolers, be sure to take time to help them make the transition to kindergarten. The easiest way to do this is through hands-on activities they find enjoyment in.

Here are a few key skills your child should work on this summer to best prepare them for kindergarten.


To teach this, encourage your child to speak at the proper volume, depending on their surroundings. It is also helpful to encourage them to be patient while waiting their turn.

Follow Directions

Assign your child tasks that they can complete without you. Encourage them to finish each task the way you instructed them to.

Write their Name

In addition to being able to write and recognize their name, begin teaching your child to use an uppercase letter at the beginning of their first and last name, while using lowercase letters for the rest.

Fine Motor Skills

Arts and crafts or writing projects will help your child develop fine motor skills such grasping pencils, crayons, and scissors properly.

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Preventing Summer Learning Loss

Did you know?

• Student lose about 3 months of grade level equivalency in math skills during the summer.

• Teachers spend roughly 4-6 weeks re-teaching material that students have forgotten over the summer.

You Can Prevent Summer Loss By:

• Spending time at your local library. Librarians can suggest books and resources that will keep your child’s mind fresh throughout the summer.

• Reaching out to us for help finding summer programs and learning activities for your child.

• Taking advantage of teachable moments throughout the summer. Vacations, day trips, or even walks through the neighborhood can all present wonderful opportunities to reinforce concepts your child learned during the school year.

• Reading often and reading as a family.

• Enjoying museums, concerts, zoos, gardens and other activities together. Many of these places offer free or discounted admission.

Remember, the more enjoyable you can make summer learning, the more information your child will retain.

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Limit Screen Time This Summer

Using tablets and phones for fun can be a simple way to pass the time, but don’t forget to get outdoors and have fun this summer.

Set Limits, Not Bans

Tablets and phones have their place, and there’s nothing wrong letting your kids use their devices to connect with friends or play games. The problem occurs when that is the only thing they do with their time. We all know how easy it is to spend hours on our phones. However, summer time means longer days and more sunlight to enjoy outdoor activities. Don’t ban your kids from spending time on their devices; rather set limits that encourage them to get outside and be active. For example, for every 30 minutes of screen time they have, ask them to spend 2 hours doing something that doesn’t involve a screen. This could be as simple as playing a sport, doing a craft, or working on things around the house.

Content Matters

Limiting screen time also means knowing what type of content your kids are consuming. Many older kids may think summer is all about binge watching their favorite TV shows. Balance is a must, though, when setting screen time limits.
Instead of allowing your child to binge watch a show, it may help to set a limit of 1 hour each evening for TV entertainment. This doesn’t mean only an hour for screen time each day; rather, it allows them to fill the remainder of their screen time with games or educational activities. You can even encourage your kids to watch YouTube videos that will help them learn a new school this summer, instead of just watching a TV show.

However, you choose to manage screen time this summer, be sure to make the most of the nice weather with your family and stay active!

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Happy Summer!


Another school year has come and gone. What a wonderful year it has been! Looking through pictures and walking through the halls, it’s easy for our staff to see how much the students have grown. I see the great projects classes have worked on.

It may be trite to say, but it does indeed take a village to raise a child. We are so privileged to have such a student focused environment at Summit Academy and we are so pleased to provide our students with a family they can count on outside of home.

We are grateful for your support and involvement in our schools. Without your efforts and attentiveness, we could not offer the different programs and individualized learning our students receive here. Thank you so much for being with us each step of the way this year.

We hope that all of you have enjoyed this school year as much as we have. We look forward to another exciting year with you and your children in the fall!

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