Summit Is Better:

Our Technology Advantage

A simple review of the job market will reveal one truth; technology is the way of the future. Before they enter school, children are exposed to electronic devices at a growing rate.

It is becoming more common for toddlers to play on tablets before they even utter their first word. In a world where technology is everywhere, our young ones must become equipped with the knowledge of how to handle it, problem solve with it, and use it to create.

At Summit Academy, we strive to make sure our students are at the forefront of the technology curve. This does not just mean providing them with access to laptops and iPads, but having our teachers use them to instruct in the classroom. We want our students to be able to learn concepts in class the same way they will learn them in the workforce; through the use of technology.

One of the steps we have taken to accomplish is this is forming a 3D lab for our students. Through the use of this technology, students are able to visualize concepts that they were previously only able to read about or see in videos. As an example, instead of just learning about the human eye through a picture, our 3D lab allows students to play with a virtual eye, remove the different layers with their hands, turn it around and really see every part of it as if they were holding an actual eyeball. When students are able to learn about math and science concepts in this manner, it increases their curiosity and love for science and math, a necessary foundation for a career in the sciences or technology.

Currently, Summit Academy is one of two school districts in Michigan that gives students the opportunity to learn in a 3D computer lab. Yet another reason why Summit is not just a great choice for your child, it’s the best choice.

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Five Inexpensive Field Trips

to Take Your Child On this Summer


Cranbrook Institute of Science

Science, history, and cultural exhibits await you at the Cranbrook Institute of Science. Every member of the family will find something they will enjoy here, including the opportunity to view different stars and light shows in the Acheson Planetarium. Children and adults can benefit from reduced admission to the center after 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Belle Isle Aquarium

Your children are sure to enjoy the unique collection of fish and aquatic life hosted by the Belle Isle Aquarium. One of the world’s largest collection of air breathing fish reside at the aquarium, which includes the only known collection of all 7 species of gar. Admission to the aquarium is always free, but a recreation pass is required to enter the park.

Museum of Natural History at the University of Michigan

The Natural History Museum presents children and parents with the numerous exhibits that explore the rich history of America. Plan on taking the Prehistoric Tour of the United States and see what our land was like millions of years ago. Admission is always free, but donations are welcome should you wish to support the museum.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

In addition to seeing different plant life, you and your family can explore the different trails and gardens during the sunny summer days, or discover activities inside the conservatory on rainy days.

The Detroit Historical Museum

Introduce your family to the rich history of Detroit by exploring The Detroit Historical Museum. Signature exhibits include the Kid Rock Music Lab, The Gallery of Innovation, The Underground Railroad, and much more. They also offer various featured exhibits at different times of the year. Admission to the museum is free, but there may be a fee for the changing exhibits.

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Handling Sleepover Requests


The Goal: You want your child to have a fun and pleasant experience spending the night at their friend’s house. At the same time, making sure that they are safe and following your standards for them is of the utmost importance.

The Challenge:  Though you may know your child’s friend, you likely know very little about their parents or family. You do not want to prevent your child from going to sleepovers, but you also do not feel comfortable letting them stay with people you do not know.

What You Can Do: It is natural to feel apprehensive about letting your child stay over someone’s house that you do not know, and as a responsible parent, erring on the side of caution is best when it comes to your child’s safety.  Still, sleepovers may become a more common request as your child gets older. Instead of being blindsided by those requests, it is best to anticipate them and take steps to put yourself at ease and increase your child’s safety.

One of the first steps to take is to get familiar with your child’s friends and their parents. Invite them over for dinner, or host a small party where you can get to know them.  Visit their homes to see how they live and whether or not you would feel comfortable if your child slept there. You should never allow your child to sleepover somewhere without having met the parents first.

No matter what steps you take, remember that at the end of the day you have the final say, and no is always an option. If you do say no, try and explain to your child your reasons. Help them to see that their safety is your primary concern.  If you feel comfortable, and the other parents are agreeable, offer to hold a sleepover at your home instead.

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Planning an Active Summer for Your Family

In a short time, summer will be in full gear. If you still have not filled up your family’s calendar with summer activities, here are a few suggestions to consider adding to your list.

Sports Camps

If your child has expressed an interest in sports or athletics, look for local programs that offer training camps.  Summit Academy North High School sometimes offers several days of drills and sports camps to help young athletes improve their skills. Contact us for information on what camps may be offered at the high school or for help locating other programs in the area.

Enrichment Opportunities

Is your child interested in music or learning a new language? Many community centers offer music lessons, foreign language courses, and even supplemental education in technology and computers. Talk to your child about their interests and research different opportunities in your area.

Planning Day Trips

Day trips are the perfect opportunity to get outside and create a new experience with your family while also providing your kids with a fun learning experience. Museums, botanical gardens, and zoos make perfect day trips.

Participate in Summer Reading Programs

Libraries are great sources of summer reading programs and contests. You can typically find a program for teens, young children, and even adults. Be sure to check out your local library and sign the whole family up. You never know what great stories you may find this summer.

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On-Site Field Trip:

All About Learning – Pull Back Car


This On-Site Field Trip consists of a series of 60-minute classes. Sets of students will rotate in and out of the classroom. The Instructor will cover the same material with each class, adjusting levels of detail according to students’ experience and grade levels.

“Student Engineers” learn about simple machines and their real-world applications. Each Student will build a pullback car and then redesign it to test friction. The students also explore resistance as well as potential energy in class. The skills and traits of the engineering profession are also discussed and incorporated. If time permits at the end of class, the students can then race their cars. Students take home the car they build!

Concepts Covered

+ Simple Machines – Specifically Wheels & Axles
+ Integrated Problem Solving
+ Communication skills
+ Teamwork & Collaboration
+ Interpreting Visual Instructions: 2D to 3D


+ Familiarize students with real life engineering concepts and vocabulary
+ Build a model exemplifying use of wheels and axles
+ Extrapolate this model to real world uses

Suggested Grade Range : K – 8th Grade

On-Site Field Trip: Take Home Option: Pull Back Car

Date: Saturday, June 24, 2017 Time: 11am

Cost: $13


Summit Academy

30100 Olmstead Rd. Flat Rock, MI 48134

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Anesha Tchomnou

Age: 13

Favorite subject:

“My favorite subject is Algebra because it is a challenging class. It is something that is only offered to students who did exceptionally well in math last school year.”

Favorite Teacher:

“Mrs. Bourdua is my favorite teacher. She teaches my favorite subject; math. She is always helpful and makes math interesting.”

Favorite Book:

“My favorite book is Jericho by Sharon Draper. It is about a boy who plays the trumpet and does well in school. I also play the trumpet and work hard to do well in school. It has a good message about doing the right thing.”

Why she loves Summit Academy:

“I love Summit because it gives me challenging courses. We have had some fun projects this year.”


Jordan Harris

Age: 10

Favorite subject:

“My favorite subject in school is gym class because I like to keep my body healthy.”

Favorite Staff Member:

“My favorite staff member at Summit is our assistant principal Mrs. Vandercook. She is my favorite because she always helps people when they are having trouble and she is nice.”

Favorite Book:

“My favorite book is called Amulet Seven. It is about a stone keeper named Emily who goes on a big adventure to find stones and use her powers.”

Why he loves Summit Academy:

“I love Summit because there are a lot of nice people here. I like the way the school is set up that each classroom color has two sides and we are able to switch between teachers for math and language arts.”


April Stewart

Role at Summit Academy Flat Rock:

April currently works as a Physical Education Teacher.

Time at Summit Academy:

7 years.

April in three words:

Blonde, energetic, compassionate.

Why she loves Summit Academy:

“I enjoy teaching the kids how to live an active, healthy lifestyle. I also like teaching creative, new things like cardio drumming and Hungry Hippo.”

Favorite Summer Activity:

“My favorite summer activities are camping with my family, bike rides, volley ball games, and cook outs with friends.”

Most memorable moment at Summit:

“My most memorable moment is making funny videos with my fellow staff members.”

An Interesting Fact about April:

“I recently lost my older sister who had Down Syndrome. She was a big part of my life and brought so much joy to me and my family. She has taught me to have patience and compassion for people with special needs.”

Summit Academy is better because:

“Summit Academy treats staff and students like family. Everyone pitches in to help in the individual education of every child.”

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