Summit is Better:

 We Value Communication

The level of communication in our schools directly impacts how well our students respond to what they learn, how likely you are to get involved, and the way our staff functions.

We pride ourselves on how well we communicate and it is just another way we demonstrate why Summit Academy continues to be the best choice for your child.

Our Students

Effective communication is the primary way we are able to teach concepts to our students and lead them towards academic success. We value the one-on-one learning atmosphere we’ve built and our students benefit from the personalized learning plans we develop for them. It is impossible to maintain this level of communication and attention if students are not in attendance or miss an unnecessary amount of school. The learning process involves an interchange of ideas and that can only occur when everyone is present.

Summit Academy Parents

Your involvement is not only encouraged, it is necessary to the success of your child. Whenever our staff has a concern about a student, whether it is related to classwork or social issues, we do our best to alert you and get you involved so that we can work towards a solution together. In turn, it is our hope that you will communicate with us if you notice issues at home that we may not see at school. We believe that parents and teachers must have a strong partnership in order to provide adequate support to each student. Checking in with your child’s teacher throughout the year is important even when you don’t have concerns. Parent teacher conferences and other parent events at school give you the opportunity to hear learn about your child’s progress, growth, and academic abilities. Only with your assistance and support can we help your child achieve their academic goals.

Our Staff

Every person on our staff will likely express appreciation for the family atmosphere found in our schools. Communication is what makes our family thrive. We all share responsibility for helping our students mature and expand their knowledge and abilities. From building lesson plans to planning various hands-on activities, our students’ academic success is the result of our staff members making a coordinated effort to keep your child focused on their future.

Be sure to look for ways you can connect with us and get involved. Our door is always open to those of you looking for ways to increase your involvement in our schools.


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Ways to Celebrate Veteran’s Day

November 11th is one of the special days we take each year to honor those who have honorably served in our military. Even if you do not personally know someone who has served in the military, you and your family can help celebrate those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our country.

Show Gratitude

Regardless of how much money or material belongings you have, you can still show your gratitude for veterans by simply being kind to those you meet or know. Simply taking a moment to thank a veteran for their service can put a smile on their face. Help your child form develop an appreciation by writing thank you notes for vets they may meet this month. You can even locate a VA hospital near you and drop off or mail thank you notes to be distributed to the patients there.

Read Related Books

As you select books to read with your child this month, search for books that discuss veterans in some way. Base your selection off of your child’s age and comprehension level. Younger students may enjoy books like Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood while older students may benefit from the closer look at war that is found in What It is Like to Go to War. Be sure to ask your librarian for appropriate recommendations.

Discuss the Holiday as a Family

Children will not understand the significance of Veteran’s Day if you do not help them appreciate its importance. Take some time to talk about what life would be like without the sacrifice of those who have served in the military. If someone in your family has served, get them involved in the discussion if possible. Ask your child if they understand why veterans are so important to our country and how they think we should honor them.

Remember, Veteran’s Day is as much about our country’s history as it is about the individuals who serve and protect us. No matter how old your child is, it is never too early or late to help them understand the effort and sacrifice that has gone into building the world they live in.

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Making Math Fun:

Fractions and Food

Learning fractions can be a tricky concept for elementary school students.

Once a student is able to learn and effectively use them, though, it will be significantly easier for them to understand more advanced math principles.

The more practical and enjoyable students find math, the more likely they are to be successful at it. What better way to demonstrate the usefulness of fractions than by using food? If your child enjoys cooking, or would like to learn how to cook, utilizing fraction friendly foods will be a great way to give them some hands on learning experience from the comfort of your kitchen

Make a Recipe Together

Does your child have a favorite recipe? Invite them to make it with you. As you go through the recipe, ask them questions about the different ingredients being used. For example, if the recipe calls for ½ teaspoon of pepper, you can ask them what would happen if they added more than that? Would it make the recipe taste different? Helping them identify what makes their favorite food taste so good can encourage your child to understand why learning fractions is useful to them.

Turn Pizza Night into Learning

While many kids love pizza, they don’t realize that each slice is just a fraction of a whole. If you are making a pizza at home, have your child assist in cutting it. You can even request to receive an uncut pizza the next time you order one. As you prepare to cut the pizza, ask your child how many slices you would need for everyone to take one? How many would you need if each person wants 2? Once the pizza is cut, make note of how many slices there are in total. When half of the pizza is gone, how many slices are left? Simply counting pizza slices will help your child learn the basics of adding and subtracting fractions.

Explore Other Fraction Friendly Foods

Sliced apples, orange wedges, and pumpkin pies are all great foods that lend themselves to a lesson on fractions. Take full advantage of your kitchen to turn this basic math concept into something practical and fun. Be sure to share your experiences with us on Facebook!

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How to Teach Your Child to Tie Their Shoes

With velcro and slip on shoes being so popular, the art of tying shoes seems non existent. As a parent, shoes with laces can be incredibly annoying when you have to stop every few minutes to retie your child’s shoes when they inevitably come undone. Those velcro straps are nothing short of miraculous.

In reality, at this age your child can begin waging their own war with those rebellious laces.

Not sure how to teach them this needed skill? Begin by figuring out how your child learns best, and follow our tips below.

If Your Child Learns By Doing…

Children who are hands on learners need to have steps explained to them while they control the actions. Have your child put on their shoes and hold their laces while you give them directions for the method you use to tie your shoes. Remember that tying your shoes is something you probably don’t have to think about, so it may be helpful to tie your own shoes a couple of times so that you can properly instruct your child on the steps.

Hands on learners learn best through repetition, so once you explain the step to your child, make sure they are responsible for tying them whenever they leave the house. You may have to walk them through it a few times, but as they continue to tie their laces it will become second nature.

If Your Child Learns By Hearing and Seeing…

Visual learners tend to pick things up faster after seeing a demonstration. Thankfully, the internet makes your job a lot easier with the abundance of explainer videos. If you have already tried showing your child how you tie your shoes and they are still struggling, it may be time to turn to the young experts on YouTube. There are several videos of school age children explaining how to properly tie shoes without relying on the bunny method.

Whether you are giving your child a demonstration or showing them through a video, make sure you are slowing things down for them to see each individual step. If you have a smartphone, it might be helpful for them to videotape you explaining the process. It will get them involved in a fun way while forcing them to pay attention to you at the same time.

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Meet Our Staff & Students


Mia Broome

Age: 10

Favorite fall activity:

“Making piles of leaves and jumping in them.”

Best thing about the holidays:

“Giving presents and being thankful.”

Favorite subject:

“I like history because I like learning about the past and the tests are really easy for me. It’s fun!”

Favorite Teacher:

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Anderson because I like learning about science and she is really nice.”

Mia loves Summit because:

“The teachers are nice and they help you a lot.”


Max Bandura

Age: 6

Favorite fall activity:

“I love to make a bonfire and jump into the leaves.”

Best thing about the holidays:

“I love eating turkey at Thanksgiving and I love to exchange presents at Christmas.”

Favorite subject:

“My favorite subject is gym because we do fun things and I love to run.”

Favorite Teacher:

“I loved Mrs. Kaiser my kindergarten teacher. She was really nice to me.”

Max loves Summit because:

“I love my friends I made in kindergarten, and everyone here is nice to me.”


Elaina Thornton

Role at Summit Academy:

“I am the music teacher and I have worked at Summit for 10 years.”

Elaina in three words:

“Humorous, empathetic, dedicated.”

Favorite book:

“I love the entire Harry Potter series. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd!”

Why she loves Summit:

“I enjoy the people I work with. They are dedicated and self-less individuals. They work hard to help our students be successful.”

Most memorable moment at Summit:

“I enjoy my Spring concerts every year. I am always proud of what my students have accomplished and get excited for them to show off their musical talents.”

Summit Academy is better because…

“Summit Academy strives to make every child successful. Students come to us from all different backgrounds, locations, and with all different educational needs. We work to help students learn, grow, and to one day become positive members of society.”

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