How Organization Skills Help Your Child

Academic consistency is rarely possible without good organization skills. Your child learns how to be a responsible student and person once they understand the significance of organizing their lives. It may not be easy to teach young ones the benefits of getting organized, but discussing what it means and showing them how to do it can go a long way to building this necessary skill.

Keeping Up Means Staying On Top Of Things

Your child need not look for lost assignment, notes, books, reports, etc.. if school materials are organized. When they practice a the habit of sorting out their assignments and notes, your child can keep up and stay on top of school lessons and activities.

Time is Gold

Children need to value time since they are likely to learn that they will have less of it available as they get older and schedules get more hectic. As they acquire good organization skills, they will know how to divide time and use it wisely to meet deadlines.

Organized Thoughts

A lost pair of socks, shriveled clothes, and scattered clothes on top of scattered school things and materials…Does that sound like your home? Organization skills also impact your child’s environment.  A cluttered environment is not appealing to the eyes and this could have a negative effect on your child’s thinking and performance at school

Organization Skills for Life

It starts with cleaning toys after play time, keeping pens, crayons, pencils, and papers organized inside the bag, and organizing books and reading materials in a study area. For a small child this task is monumental already. But when this skill is honed and practiced every day, your child will do better in middle school, high school, college, and life as a whole..

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The Need for Regular Attendance

The importance of regular attendance at school must be taught at an early age. Missing out on even a day can significantly impact your child academically. Kids must be encouraged every day to get up and get ready for school, never assuming that attendance is optional.

One is too Much

Being absent even one day means missing out lessons and even important quizzes or major tests for your child. This forces them to spend extra time trying to make up for an invaluable day in the classroom. Consequently, some teachers may need to take additional time to work with students who are routinely absent in order to keep them current on classwork.  Unless children are ill, missing class can show a lack of appreciation for the time and effort put in by their teacher and their classmates..

Confidence Problems

A child who is often tardy or absent may become self conscious about their academic abilities and can even feel left out socially.  This can greatly alter your child’s attitude towards school and result in them losing interest in going to school at all.  An early sign of reluctance  to go to school should be addressed immediately to prevent a pattern of habitual absenteeism.

Building a love for school is the foundation for your child’s academic success.

Kids who know the importance of being on time and not missing a day at school have greater chances of succeeding in life. It is never too early to teach your child to prioritize their education..

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Why You Need To Communicate With The School

As a parent, your involvement to your child’s school life shouldn’t be limited to enrollment. There are a number of reasons why you need to communicate with the school where your child is concerned.

Basic information

Teachers need a child’s basic information on family, culture and ethnicity, language, and religion among others to better understand your child’s needs in learning. This insight into your child’s background will help us avoid overstepping any boundaries and allow us to pursue resources best suited to your child.

Bridging the Gap

It is only when teachers and parents communicate that a deeper understanding is achieved when it comes to concerns regarding a child, or school matters where parents are concerned. There are multiple ways to reach stay in touch with us. PowerSchool is a great way to keep track of your child’s progress and send messages to their teacher.

Get Involved

We offer several different programs for parents to get involved in the school. Additionally, our open door policy means that you are free to volunteer to help out in class or come spend a day at school with your child. Checking in with us regularly will provide you with dates and opportunities where you can take a more active role in our school.


Your child is self-secured knowing that you are concerned with what’s going on at school and you are keeping up with their progress or achievements. This also gives you the chance to continue and encourage learning outside of school hours..

You Build Your Own Circle of Friends

As parents, developing new friendships can be tough. Yet, through meetings and school activities you can meet other who share your interests and hobbies.

Communication is the key to understanding and respect. Your responsibility as a parent to your child’s performance at school should not be constrained by a busy schedule.

Making time to communicate with us to the best of your ability is essential in your child’s life inside and outside of school.

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How To Help Your Child Study

Study habits need to be instilled at a very young age to help your child study effortlessly.

The distractions from television, games, apps, or smartphones can make finishing homework or studying seem tedious. As a parent, you must take practical steps to help your child study and retain what they learn.

Encouragement and Motivation

Kids needs encouragement and motivation to do well in school and study, especially when the subject is does not appeal to them. Leave a simple note with encouraging words on the child’s desk or study table.  You can also prepare a light snack for extra energy before your they complete an assignment.

Set up a Well-lit and Ventilated Study Area

Your child’s space for studying must be effective. Lighting and ventilation are essential especially on extreme weathers. Encourage your kid to keep the space organized at all times and do not allow toys in that area.

Provide Assistance

Sometimes, children might need assistance in studying. Understand your child’s capacity and limits are essential to their success. It maybe more effective to seek help with a tutor or offer your personal assistance in the beginning to help them build confidence and understand what is expected of them.

Set up a Daily Study Routine

We cannot underscore the value of consistency enough. Your child needs to develop a routine on a daily basis in order to build study skills. Pick a time that you feel they are most alert and stick to it each day. The progress from daily study will be noticeable in their grades and in what they retain.

Remember, the goal of building study skills is to help your child become independent and confident in their ability to study. Offer your help when needed, but be sure to make sure your child is learning to study on their own.

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Summit Academy Gets a Makeover

Things are looking better than ever for Summit Academy.

It’s with great enthusiasm that we introduce the new-and-improved Summit Academy logo. The crown jewel of our recent rebranding efforts, the logo thoughtfully symbolizes our mission to help students reach the peak of their potential.

The first thing you’ll notice about the logo is that it resembles the top of a mountain. But if you study a little more closely, you’ll notice it also bears the look-and-feel of a maze. This creative element is meant to express how Summit Academy leads students upward through the various forks in the road they will encounter during their education.

The new logo is just one of component of our sweeping image transformation. Here are a few other changes we’re rolling out as we bring Summit Academy into the future.

Drop the Dash: Say goodbye to that annoying little dash. To eliminate any confusion about where to find us online, we changed our website address from “” to “”. The new URL is here to stay, so be sure to update your bookmark!

New Website: In addition to “dropping the dash,” we completely overhauled the content, navigation and look-and-feel of our website. These changes will help students and parents find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily. And since the new site scales seamlessly across any device, you’ll have the same experience navigating on your smartphone or tablet as you would on your laptop.

New Athletic Logo: Beyond changing our school logo, we also transformed the face of our athletic program. Featuring spikes, a new color scheme and an aggressive eye that radiates intensity, the new logo is bolder, tougher and better reflective of our dragon mascot. If you want to beat Summit Academy, you’ve got to go through our new logo!

Be sure to let us know what you think of our new logos and website on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #newyearnewsummit.

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