Summit is Better:

We Value Communication

The level of communication in our schools directly impacts how well our students respond to what they learn, how likely you are to get involved, and the way our staff functions.

We pride ourselves on how well we communicate and it is just another way we demonstrate why Summit Academy continues to be the best choice for your child.

Our Students

Effective communication is the primary way we are able to teach concepts to our students and lead them towards academic success. We value the one-on-one learning atmosphere we’ve built and our students benefit from the personalized learning plans we develop for them. It is impossible to maintain this level of communication and attention if students are not in attendance or miss an unnecessary amount of school. The learning process involves an interchange of ideas and that can only occur when everyone is present.

Summit Academy Parents

Your involvement is not only encouraged, it is necessary to the success of your child. Whenever our staff has a concern about a student, whether it is related to classwork or social issues, we do our best to alert you and get you involved so that we can work towards a solution together. In turn, it is our hope that you will communicate with us if you notice issues at home that we may not see at school. We believe that parents and teachers must have a strong partnership in order to provide adequate support to each student. Checking in with your child’s teacher throughout the year is important even when you don’t have concerns. Parent teacher conferences and other parent events at school give you the opportunity to hear learn about your child’s progress, growth, and academic abilities. Only with your assistance and support can we help your child achieve their academic goals.

Our Staff

Every person on our staff will likely express appreciation for the family atmosphere found in our schools. Communication is what makes our family thrive. We all share responsibility for helping our students mature and expand their knowledge and abilities. From building lesson plans to planning various hands-on activities, our students’ academic success is the result of our staff members making a coordinated effort to keep your child focused on their future.

Be sure to look for ways you can connect with us and get involved. Our door is always open to those of you looking for ways to increase your involvement in our schools.

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Why You Should Always Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences

A busy schedule typically means choosing between the mandatory activities and the optional ones.

When it comes to parent-teacher conferences, you may be tempted to put them in the optional category. However, these conferences are beneficial to you and your child in some pretty big ways.

Get to Know Teachers

Your child spends most of their day at school, making their teachers a big part of their life. When you stop to consider how much time that is over the course of a school year, it would be strange to not meet with them in person.

Parents and teachers work best when there is trust and understanding involved. Parent-teacher conferences are a great tool for building that type of relationship.

There is Always Room For Improvement

One of the most common reasons parents skip parent-teacher conferences is because their child is doing well in school. No matter how well your child is doing, there are always areas where they can improve. In fact, if a student does not appear to be getting enough of a challenge, their teacher may want to discuss options for advanced coursework with you. Ultimately, you can’t know what a teacher has in mind for your child without taking time to meet with them.

It’s Not Just About Grades

While discussing grades are generally a highlight of these meetings, other aspects of your child’s school life are also discussed. Remember, the grades and assignments your child receives are only part of the picture. Teachers and staff members pay attention to a student’s behavior and get to know their personality. What is noticeable in a school setting may be missed at home. Parent-teacher conferences are a chance for you to compare notes with your child’s teacher so you both can work with a complete picture.

Even if you are not able to attend a parent-teacher conference because of scheduling conflicts, we strongly recommend making arrangements to meet with our teachers and staff. Summit Academy North Elementary has an open door policy for parents and your involvement is always welcomed and appreciated.

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Three Tips:

For Building Study Skills

It is never too early to build good study habits. That being said, we know it can be difficult to help your child study if you have forgotten the basics yourself.

If you need a few refreshers on how to build study skills, look no further than our 3 tips below.

1. Create a Routine

Elementary school children thrive on routine and structure. Therefore, the best way to build study skills is to simply be consistent. Schedule a time each day for your child to study, set aside an area for them to do it, and they should be well on their way towards building good study habits.

Developing a routine will require organization of both time and resources. Make sure you allow adequate time for your child to study uninterrupted, and select a time that they can comfortably commit to each day. Additionally, plan ahead and have all the tools that your child will need to study ready to go at their designated study time.

2. Mix it Up

Since no 2 children are the same, there isn’t 1 studying method that will work for every child. Figure out what style of learning works best for your kid, and incorporate that style into their studying. If you are not sure how your child learns concepts best, reach out to their teacher for advice and input.

The goal is for them to learn and understand the material, regardless of what studying technique they use. Keep in mind that children this age may have to explore a bit before they discover what works best for them.

3. Reward Effort

It’s not uncommon for children to work harder when they have an incentive. If you know your child works best when they are rewarded, use that to help them study. For example, for every 15 or 20 minutes they study, reward them with a snack of some kind.

As always, you are a big part of your child’s success. Do your best to be available during their study time to help when necessary.

Pay attention to areas where they may need some extra help and be sure to communicate with their teachers. We sincerely appreciate all the effort you put into keeping the learning going after school hours.

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3 Resources for Food Pantries

It may not be easy to ask for help if your family is in need of food assistance. Still, there many resources available within our community to prevent families from going hungry.

We encourage anyone who can benefit from this assistance to reach out to to the the food pantries provided below.

Additional food pantries in Wayne county can be found at

1. Helping Hands Community Lutheran Church

Address: 23984 Gibraltar Road
Flat Rock, MI – 48134

Phone Number: (734) 782-0563

Hours: Wednesday 9:00am – 1:00pm

Requirements: Must be a resident of Flat Rock.

2. Downriver Fish and Loaves

Address: 25670 Northline Road
Taylor, MI – 48180

Phone Number: (734) 442-0031

Requirements: All income-eligible residents of Allen Park, Brownstown Township, Dearborn Heights, Romulus, Southgate, Taylor, and Woodhaven, plus active members of all partnering churches, are eligible to enroll at Fish & Loaves Community Pantry for free food assistance. Visits to the pantry are by advance appointment only. Enrollment requires a picture ID with local address, proof of residency, number of household members, and annual income. Contact at the listed phone number for a confidential interview. Families and individuals may make use of the pantry up to 6 times per year. Appointments are generally scheduled on a bi-monthly basis.

3. Helping Hand Thrift Shop and Food Pantry

Address: 37510 W Huron Dr.
Romulus, MI – 48174

Phone Number: 734-941-5323

Hours: Monday – Thursday 10am-3pm

Requirements: Requires a referral from an authorized source, such as a social worker, teacher, minister, etc. Must show photo identification and proof of residency, such as a lease or utility bill.

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Meet Our Staff & Students:


Brooke Stodola

Age: 8½

Best thing about the holidays:

“Eating the cookies that me and my mom bake.”

Favorite subject:


Favorite Teacher:

“Mr. Lees & Miss Stathakis.”

Brooke loves Summit because:

“It helped me get a good education when I was bad at reading.”


Walter Fahoom

Age: 10

Best thing about the holidays:

“Playing baseball with my family.”

Favorite subject:


Favorite Teacher:

“Mrs. Paris.”

Walter loves Summit because:

“I love Summit because of the kids are really nice.”


Emily Libby

Role at Summit Academy North Elementary:

Emily currently teaches kindergarten. This is her first year with Summit Academy.

Emily in three words:

Energetic, compassionate, driven.

Favorite book:

“Any Jodi Picoult books.”

Why she loves Summit:

“Since I have started, I have gotten a lot of support and help when I need it.”

Summit Academy is better because…

“Summit Academy helps current and future students reach their full potential as well as learn and enjoy new experiences.”

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