Fantastically Fall:

Activities to Do this Fall

While we may not love winter, one of the best things about living in Michigan is getting to experience every season.  This year, we hope you will get your child out to experience what is likely one of the best things about the beginning of the school year; autumn.

As your family settles into the new school year and everyone gets adjusted to their routine, take some time to appreciate the cozy fun that fall has to offer.

Take cider mill tour.

Apple picking is such a fun experience for the entire family, and who can resist cider mill donuts and fresh cider. You can even incorporate a math lesson for your child as they endeavor to find out how many apples are in a peck.

Collect leaves.

Is it the colors, the shapes, or the crisp small smell? Whatever it is, kids love to collect leaves. Take a nature walk through a park or in your neighborhood and see what kind of different leaves your child can find. You can even save them and incorporate them into a fun decorative project.

Make some s’mores.

S’mores are not just for summer campfires. While you are burning those leaves or lighting a fire to warm the chilly fall air, break out the marshmallows and enjoy some chocolatey s’mores with your family.

Visit a pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin pie, anyone? While you are visiting cider mills, don’t forget to hit the pumpkin patches. Even if you don’t like the pie, your child is sure to enjoy decorating their pumpkin and add to your fall decorations.

What other things do you like to do with your family during fall? Share your favorite fall themed photos with us on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to include the hashtag #FallFunatSummitAcademy.

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Make Use of the Libraries

Fall is a great time to curl up with your child and read a good book.

Even if you don’t have many books to choose from at home, you will likely find something everyone in your home can enjoy at your local library.

Many libraries now have book clubs for different age groups and this can introduce you and your kids to books you may not have heard of otherwise. Asking a librarian for targeted lists, information on specific reading programs, or even for recommendations on age appropriate books is a great way to help your child rekindle their love for reading. Simply being reminded that reading is not just done in conjunction with schoolwork may be all the motivation they need to get started. However, school related or not, many reading programs offered by libraries are created with the intention of helping kids improve their comprehension skills while they get lost in their favorite books.

When you do visit the library, you will learn that reading is not the only fun activities offered by libraries. In fact, many host events open to the community that teach skills such as knitting, jewelry making, painting and other arts and crafts talents. There are even financial classes, do-it-yourself sessions, and many more programs adults can benefit from. Elementary school students can also take advantage of the technology found in libraries in the form of digital games, interactive reading experiences, and even iPad apps in some locations. All of these offerings make the library a place that entire families can benefit from together.

Just like Summit Academy, libraries are places that support growth and learning for kids and parents who like choices. Whether you and your child choose to take an adventure in a book, or learn a new skill together, choose to learn and to grow. As long as that is your objective, your library visit is guaranteed to be a successful one.

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Tips for Parents:

Keeping Your Young One Organized

Helping your child stay organized means laying some groundwork. To that end, here are some steps you can take to keep your child on the right track.

Step 1. Decide on the Necessities

This is not just limited to school supplies. Necessities can also include establishing a place to study and making sure it includes the necessary furniture and tools your child needs to be successful.

Step 2.  Make a Routine

A school day routine will make life easier for you and your young one.  This does not just mean having a set bedtime. It means allowing your child to anticipate their activities each day. What are they expected to do after school? Is there a pattern to their morning schedule? Having answers to these questions and making sure your child knows what is expected of them will help create a successful routine.

Step 3.  Be Reasonable with Time

Organization is impossible without effective time management. Elementary school children usually have very little regard for time and can cause planned activities to go a great deal longer. Even once the first two steps are put in place, things can fall apart if time is not properly managed. Plan activities for your child that allow for reasonable time frames, so that if things do take longer than expected, you are still able to keep to your schedule.

Step 4.  Be Consistent

Consistency is important for young children and it helps them to thrive in school and out. The more consistent you are in helping your child develop good organization skills, the more likely they are to keep up with them.

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Ashlyn Harper

Age: 7

Favorite subject:


Favorite Teacher:

Mrs. Carrier

Favorite Book:

Posy the Puppy

Why she loves Summit Academy:

“I love my teachers!”


Michael Iwu

Age: 10

Favorite subject:


Favorite Teacher:

Mrs. Golczynski

Favorite Book:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Why he loves Summit Academy:

“I love that we get to learn and have fun.”


Cathy Ciccantelli

Role at Summit Academy North Elementary:

Cathy teaches 1st and 2nd grade math and science and has been with Summit Academy for 17 years.

Cathy in three words:

Caring, nurturing, and compassionate.

Why she loves Summit Academy:

“I love the staff and the family environment. It is great being able to try new things in my classroom and knowing I have the support to do it.”

Favorite activities:

“I enjoy reading and going to the park with my daughter.”

Interesting Fact about her:

“I love spending time with my family.”

Summit Academy is better because…

“We have an individualized approach to learning.”

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