5 Ways:

Show School Spirit in the New Year

We are looking forward to the start of the new year and hope that all of our students will come back refreshed after the break.

Next year, we want all of our parents to continue showing that strong dragon pride that makes Summit Academy a leader in individualized education. Here are 5 ways you can show your school spirit in the New Year.

Support the Athletics

Our athletes and coaching staff put a lot of time and effort into training so that they can represent our schools well on the field. Attending games and cheering on our teams shows your pride in our school and gratitude for the opportunities our athletic program provides for our students.

Get Involved with Clubs

The clubs and organizations offered at Summit Academy provide as much enrichment to the schools as it does to the students. When students and parents get involved with clubs, you are showing appreciation for the staff members who lead them and your willingness to help make our school a great place for everyone.

Show Support on Social Media

Are you following Summit Academy on Instagram and Facebook? Sharing your pictures from school activities and posting about your experience on social media is a great way to let our staff and your friends and family members know what makes Summit Academy special. Make it a resolution to interact with us online in the new year.

Dress like a Dragon

No, you don’t need to get a dragon costume to show school pride. However, we offer a wide array of gear and clothing for parents and students that give you the opportunity to show school pride wherever you go.

Be the Best Dragon You Can Be

One of the best ways a student can represent Summit Academy is to display good character both during and after school hours. Nothing gives a better representation of our school than students who strive to do their best and be kind to others at all times.

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Parent Involvement

The success of a school depends on multiple factors, but few are as important as the amount of parent involvement received.

You play a large role in the growth a student shows and how much effort they put into their school work. We are truly grateful for the genuine care and support you show for the success of our school.

Why It’s Necessary

Teachers and staff members are only able to see a small part of the entire picture of a student’s life. As a parent you know your child inside and out and you can more readily identify their strengths and potential weaknesses. We rely on you to clue us in when you notice issues or if you have concerns about their education. Involving yourself in their school life simply means communicating with us and being available for your child’s academic needs. When you do that, it helps us grow as a school and contributes the success of your children.

Keep It Up

You already took the first step in showing your dedication to your child’s education by simply enrolling them at Summit Academy, a school where you know they are receiving one of the best college preparatory schools in the state. Choosing Summit Academy shows that you care about the support and personal attention that your child receives. Thank you for taking that step. As the school year continues, we know that we can count on your continued involvement and support as we continue to provide your student with the best learning experience possible.

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Make Summit Part of Your 2018 Resolution

The 2017 is almost in the books and, as expected, our students have made this a memorable school year thus far.

Every year, we evaluate ourselves to see how we can move forward in the future, what improvements we can make to the school, and how we can continue giving our students the best education experience possible. In 2018, we hope that our parents and students will become more involved in that process by giving us feedback, suggestions, and by interacting with us on social media or through volunteer opportunities at the school. Only by making the best use of what is available can we continue to be successful, and we consider your insights to be one of the best resources we can tap into. Our growth and success depends on the contributions we receive from parents, staff, and students.

With advancements in technology increasing the demand for well-trained employees, making sure students leave Summit Academy prepared for a challenging college curriculum is more crucial than ever. We will continue to keep our students’ success as our top priority and the driving force behind our choices and new initiatives. As always, we are committed to the success of our students and helping them achieve their goals for college and beyond.

We know that you will continue to help us grow in 2018 and we look forward to engaging more with all of you in the future.

Happy New Year!

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Ways to Help Others This Season

While generosity and kindness should be shown year round, more emphasis is placed on helping those in need during the holiday season. If your family is struggling to find ways to help others this seasons, we have provided 3 simple ways to get started.

Although the holidays provide many opportunities to help out, we hope that you will seize the chance to act on these suggestions whenever the opportunity presents itself throughout the year.

Donate Goods

Foods, clothes, toys, and other goods are in high demand this time of year. Help your teen go through items at home to see what they can give to someone in need.

Share a Kind Word

For one reason or another, some people become depressed or experience added hardships during the holiday season. Encourage your high schooler to write letters and send cards to those who may not have families or to those you know are going through a rough time. Remind them that even a friendly smile or “Hello” to someone they meet in passing can turn someone’s day around.

Don’t Forget Friends and Neighbors

Sometimes we get so caught up in finding charities to help that we forget to look right in our own backyards. If your teen is looking for ways to help others this season, make sure they have checked in with their friends to see if their families need anything. Additionally, be sure to check in on neighbors to make sure they have the necessities and are equipped to handle the colder weather.

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5 Ways to Help Your Teen Grow In 2018

Growing and learning is a never ending process that all of us take part in.

Sometimes, though, that growth can get stunted for one reason or another. Worry not, however; below are 5 great ways to keep your high schooler from checking out in the new year.

Encourage Them to Try Something New

Growth is possible when students challenge themselves. Whether your high schooler is interestested in playing an instrument, sport, or joining a new club, help them do what it takes to pursue it.

Look for Ways to Help Others

Helping others encourages personal growth because it forces teens to put their focus on someone else. Seeing the impact they are able to make in another person’s life can also provide students with a better idea of how they want to shape their career and contribute to society as an adult.

Review College Admission Requirements

Regardless of their grade level, high school students should always have college acceptance in their sights. Looking over the requirements their school choices have can motivate them to work harder in school and do everything they need to meet those standards.

Make Health a Priority

It may seem like a stereotypical New Year’s resolution, but getting or staying in shape is an important goal for teens to have. The healthy habits they build now will carry over into adulthood. Additionally, eating well and staying active has a significant impact on how well a student learns and their overall performance.


The fact that reading is the key to knowledge goes without saying. Yet, reading can also help teens grow their vocabulary, improve the way they speak, and spark their creativity. Encourage your high schooler to inquire about reading lists at your local library, or simply ask for recommendations from their teacher.

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