Summit Is Better:

Our Technology Advantage

A simple review of the job market will reveal one truth; technology is the way of the future. Before they enter school, children are exposed to electronic devices at a growing rate.

It is becoming more common for toddlers to play on tablets before they even utter their first word. In a world where technology is everywhere, our young ones must become equipped with the knowledge of how to handle it, problem solve with it, and use it to create.

At Summit Academy, we strive to make sure our students are at the forefront of the technology curve. This does not just mean providing them with access to laptops and iPads, but having our teachers use them to instruct in the classroom. We want our students to be able to learn concepts in class the same way they will learn them in the workforce; through the use of technology.

One of the steps we have taken to accomplish is this is forming a 3D lab for our students. Through the use of this technology, students are able to visualize concepts that they were previously only able to read about or see in videos. As an example, instead of just learning about the human eye through a picture, our 3D lab allows students to play with a virtual eye, remove the different layers with their hands, turn it around and really see every part of it as if they were holding an actual eyeball. When students are able to learn about math and science concepts in this manner, it increases their curiosity and love for science and math, a necessary foundation for a career in the sciences or technology.

Currently, Summit Academy is one of two school districts in Michigan that gives students the opportunity to learn in a 3D computer lab. Yet another reason why Summit is not just a great choice for your child, it’s the best choice.

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Tips for Setting Goals this Summer

Goal setting should be an ongoing priority for students at the high school level.

Yet, summer is the perfect time to reevaluate the goals they have already set and begin adding some new ones. Here are a few tips to help your teen be effective in their goal setting efforts.

1. Talk about the future. 
True, summer break signals the end of the school year, but it also is the start of a new beginning. Talk to your high schooler about their plans for next year and what they want to accomplish. Doing this can help them determine what some of their goals may be.

2. Do research.
Setting goals requires planning, and you cannot plan without proper research. After talking with your child about what they want to accomplish in the future, look into ways they can reach those goals. Are their certain classes that they want to take? Do they know what they may want to study in college? Help them research any requirements they may need to meet in order to reach their goals.

3. Make use of the free time.
Students have an increased amount of free time during the summer, which presents them with the opportunity to visit college campuses, attend workshops, and other things that can help them advance their educational careers and take important steps toward their future. Help them make the most of the time they have and create schedules that support productivity.

4. Don’t talk in hypotheticals.
The most common trap people fall into when goal setting is failing to set specific time frames and concrete plans. Whether your child would like to visit certain colleges, start a new course of study, or complete a certain project, make sure they set due dates and form specific strategies for reaching their goals.

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Are Your Kids Exploring Scholarship Opportunities?

Summer break is the perfect time for sophomore and junior level students to do their necessary college research.

At this point, students likely have an idea of which colleges they wish to attend and the requirements for admission. The logical next step? Determining how to pay their tuition.

Why Look Into Scholarships?

Unlike student loans, scholarships do not have to be paid back. That means no interest accruing, no need for a parent cosigner, and no or minimal debt after college.

How to Research Scholarships

Scholarships are typically awarded based on academic merit, athletic ability, or other specific qualifications. Sometimes students may need to maintain a certain grade point average in order to remain eligible for their scholarship each year. Others may require that students reapply every year.  Depending on what your child’s course of study is and where they will be attending school, different scholarship opportunities may fit their needs. The best place to start your research is by contacting the colleges you are interested in attending and asking them for a list of scholarships offered to their students.  Summit Academy North High School also provides assistance to students pursuing scholarships.  Parents are always encouraged to contact us for help in finding resources.

When to Begin Your Search

The demand for scholarships are high and the availability for them are few. Students are encouraged to apply early and often. Sophomores should begin looking for scholarship opportunities now and find out the earliest date they are able to apply. Remember, the earlier you start securing funds for your teen’s tuition, the less likely it is that loans will be their only option.

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Your Routine This Summer

The Goal: Summer break means a lot more free time for your teen.

While it can be easy for everyone to get caught up in their own plans, trying to keep everyone on track and maintain a good routine will make the summer more enjoyable for everyone.

The Challenge: It can be difficult to stay on top of your high schooler’s time during the day and provide them with activities to keep them busy, especially if you are working during the time they would typically be at school. Additionally, without having to worry about getting up on time for school, your child may be more inclined to go to bed late and sleep longer during the day.  The disruption to their schedule can cause issue for the entire family’s schedule.

What You Can Do:  While there will be some adjustments to your routine during the summer, the best thing you can do for your high schooler is to maintain your expectations of them.  Parents frequently fall into the habit of lowering their standards or requirements during the summer months.  Although summer break does provide more opportunities for children to be outside and enjoy the long days, it should not derail your family’s normal schedule.  Keep a set bed time for your child and a wake up time so that they can plan their activities accordingly. Make sure any assigned chores are still getting done, just as you would require of them during the school year.

Ultimately, a steady routine should not be reliant on whether school is in session or not. Teenagers need structure and as long as you continue to provide them with a set routine and specific expectations, your teen will have a wonderful summer without losing all of the good habits they built during the school year.

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Sarah Hudson

Age: 16

Favorite subject:


Favorite Teacher:

“Mrs. Bachand.”

Favorite Book:

Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Sarah loves Summit Academy because…

“Summit Academy is honestly the best school I have ever attended. The best part of Summit in my perspective is how involved students can be in different clubs and activities. Another thing that I love about Summit is that it is focused on college. When I began here in 8th grade, I started career cruising and still continue the program. I’m happy to have an idea of what I want to do for the future thanks to Summit Academy.”


Jocelyn Farkas

Role at Summit Academy North High

I am the Teacher Facilitator for all of the Online Learning Programs.

Time at Summit Academy:

Jocelyn has worked at Summit Academy for 8 years.

Jocelyn in three words:

Empathetic, Innovative, Learner

Why she enjoys Summit Academy:

“Being at Summit is not ‘work,’ it is a daily opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of young people, through mentorship and a mutual interest in learning and success.”

Favorite Summer Activity:

“Camping. Lots and lots of camping.”

Most memorable moment at Summit:

“I had the pleasure of partnering with Mrs. Chapman for Ballroom Dancing the year Project Term was first introduced. I was 9 months pregnant and we danced for 6 hours each day. It was both fun and challenging to Cha-cha-cha and Tango in that condition.”

Interesting fact about her:

“I love to study and learn about Michigan history. I have a ‘bucket list’ of places in Michigan that I want to visit and I make a goal to cross something off of that list each year.”

Summit Academy is better because…

“At Summit, we constantly focus on the student experience and how we can provide them with the best that they seek and deserve.”

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