Summit Is Better:

“We Believe in Our Students”

If you were to ask any teachers at Summit Academy why they are so dedicated to their students, you would get the same response; “We believe in them.”

When we say that we believe in our students, we are not just talking about a select few of them or the ones we already know.

We believe that every student walking into our school has what it takes to succeed, no matter where they come from, what they look like, or who they were before we met them. We believe that each and every one of our students have the potential to be great at whatever they wish to accomplish.

That type of belief does not come with conditions. Our No Excuse philosophy was created to ensure that there is never a reason one of our students cannot do well and rise to success. We know that before we can ask a student to believe in our ability to provide them with a progressive, challenging, and individualized educational experience, we must first believe in their ability to handle it.

Whether your child has been at Summit Academy for a few years, or just wrapping up their first school year with us, we look forward to being there for them and you no matter what lies ahead. You can trust that we will keep finding ways to give your child the best education because we believe that the best deserve nothing less.

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Five Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an important part of student life at Summit Academy North Middle School. In addition to achieving academic success, we want all of our students to become well rounded by taking advantage of the clubs, sports, and other groups offered at our school.

If you are in doubt whether or not your child should pursue extracurricular activities, below are five ways they can benefit from the experience.

1. They will make new friends.

Although students get to interact with each other during class, meeting in a group or club allows them to find others who share their interests and spend time talking on a more personal level.

2. Extracurricular activities give children a place to expend energy.

Middle schoolers have plenty of energy, and sports are a fun and positive way to help them release it.

3. The exposure will help them grow.

School clubs and organizations attract individuals from all walks of life and background. Listening to and learning from different people will provide your child with new experiences and promote growth.

4. New challenges will test their strengths.

It will also test their weaknesses. Similar to academic curriculum, extracurricular activities can help your child discover new areas of interests and areas where they may excel.  Figuring these things out earlier will make their path clearer for the future.

5. It is essential for college admission.

Colleges like to see well rounded students. Middle schoolers who pursue extracurricular activities are much more likely to do so in high school. Students that demonstrate a desire to get involved and stay active in their school are very attractive to universities and colleges.

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Spring Time Craft:

Potted Plants

It is hard to think of spring without picturing beautiful flowers or plants. If you plan on bringing some of that greenery inside your home, you likely need some pots to plant them in. This awesome flower pot craft is sure to brighten your home and your day!

  • Terracotta flower pot
  • acrylic paint in multiple colors
  • paint brush
  • paper plate
  • permanent marker
  • Plants
  1. Paint a colored stripe around the top edge of the flower pot. Spring colors like blues, pinks, and yellows work wonderful for this.
  2. Put some paint on a paper plate, and use your thumb to make a butterfly shape on the flower pot.
  3. Use a permanent marker to make a body and antenna for the butterfly.

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Keeping up With Your Child’s Academic Progress

Do you find yourself surprised by your child’s grades at the end of the quarter? Did you learn of an area where your child may need more help while at a parent-teacher conference?

It can seem overwhelming to stay on top of your child’s progress in school, but it doesn’t have to be.  At Summit Academy North Middle School, it is our goal to keep parents involved and active in their child’s education.

Here are a couple of tips that can help you stay on top of your child’s progress.

  • + Talk to your child.

    Your child is the first line of communication when it comes to how they are doing in their classes.  Discuss classroom activities with them and inquire about homework assignments each day. Be sure to inquire whether they understand all the material or need further assistance.

  • + Communicate with teachers.

    Should you discover, or suspect that your child is struggling in a subject area, reach out to their teacher. Not only will this allow your child to get any help they may need, but it will also give you and the teacher a chance to voice any concerns prior to conference time.

  • + Review graded assignments.

    If you know that your child had a quiz, exam, or project due recently, ask to see their grade. Discuss what they did well and what they need to work on in the future.

  • + Make use of PowerSchool.

    PowerSchool is a vital part your parental toolkit. You can view your child’s grades, test scores, and attendance record all from your computer. You can use this information to help you talk about assignments with your child and direct your concerns to their teachers.

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Keeping your Middle Schooler Motivated

The Goal

Just like their teachers, you likely want to see your child’s academic progress continue to improve over the second half of the school year. Progress also involves the ability to retain what they learn.

The Challenge

Trying to keep your middle schooler motivated and focused on schoolwork as we head into springtime is a difficult task. Who wants to do homework during baseball season?

The Solution

Nicer weather presents a great opportunity to take learning and homework outside. Games and learning activities that take place in a park or in the backyard can help students find joy in their homework while also creating new and fun memories for the family. Parents may even find it beneficial to look for S.T.E.A.M. activities that can be done outside. If time does not permit that type of activity, simply allowing your child to read outside can help ease the indoor blues.
Still having trouble finding activities to motivate your middle schooler? Try asking them about what they are learning in school. Do any of their subjects lead into a field trip opportunity such as the zoo, a lake, garden, etc…? If not, take a field trip anyway. Motivating your child is not solely about supplementing what they are learning in class. By presenting them with experiences that encourage thinking, you are keeping them in learning mode and setting them up to perform well for the remainder of the school year.

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Bryce Killburn

Age: 12

Favorite subject:


Favorite Teacher:

“Ms. Flynn”

Why he loves Summit Academy:

“I love summit because there are teachers that give me a great learning environment. Also I love having great extra-curricular activities and that students have the freedom to create clubs like the one I started called The Healthy Lifestyles Club.”


McKayla Foster Remond

Age: 13

Favorite subject:


Favorite Teacher:

“Ms. Maci”

Why she loves Summit Academy:

“I Love Summit because they take time with students and care for each student as if we are their own children.”


Abby Flynn

Role at Summit Academy:

Abby is a science teacher in her second year at Summit Academy.

Abby in three words:

Organized, Optimist, and Motivated

Why she loves Summit Academy:

“The students and staff are the best.”

Most memorable moment at Summit:

“Every day is memorable with Middle Schoolers!”

Interesting fact about her:

“I taught elementary school for 5 years, but moved to middle school 2 years ago and love it!”

Summit Academy is better because…

“Our teachers and staff are second to none!”

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