Dress Code


  • Nothing should cover the head.
  • No bandanas. If required for religious purposes, please see Administrator.


  • Studs only in any location.
  • No dangling.


  • All shirts must be solid color and have a collar, unless worn with a solid collared blazer or sweater.
  • All shirts worn under a collared blazer or sweater must be solid and modest based on administrative discretion.


  • K-8 may wear blue jeans.
  • K-8 must be solid colored, well fitted, worn at the waist.
  • 6-8 No sagging pants, no yoga pants, no sweat pants, no athletic pants, no leggings/jeggings.
  • No extra zippers, straps, or chains.

Skirts / Shorts / Skorts

  • K-8 may wear denim.
  • No shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
  • Solid colored nylons, tights, or leggings must be worn under all skirts.
  • No extra, zippers, straps, or chains.
  • 6-8 solid color leggings or tights only allowed under skirt or dress.


  • Closed toe and heel.


  • Summit wear.
  • Solid colored knit running pants/sweats/shorts.
  • Solid colored t-shirt or sweatshirts.
  • No hoodies.


  • Designer logos, no larger than 3 x 3 inches.


  • No book bags, back packs, string bags allowed in class
  • Purses can be no larger than 81/2 x 11 inches


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