3 Little Known Day Trip Opportunities in Metro Detroit


As August approaches, you may be looking to squeeze in those last few day trips in the remaining weeks of summer vacation.

Before you resort to your usual destinations, branch out and look into these 3 little known Metro Detroit gems you may have missed

  • The Outdoor Adventure Center (Detroit) – Let your family discover the beauty of the outdoors inside this breathtaking building. The Outdoor Adventure Center gives visitors a taste of the northern Michigan experience with hands-on learning activities and simulators.  Whether you want to hike, fish, or simply learn more about the DNR, the OAC is worth a closer look.


  • Star Jaycee Park (Royal Oak) – Even smaller parks in the Metro Detroit area are filled with unique treasures. The miniature trains of Star Jaycee Park are sure to catch your eye, especially if you have little ones.  These trains are not just for show; you and your child can ride these little steamers for a small donation of your choice. Be sure to check the train schedule before planning your trip.


  • Gabriel Richard Park – Enjoy the fresh air with a visit to one of the best parks along Detroit’s river front. Gabriel Richard Park will help you and your family take in the beauty within Detroit while you appreciate the plush flower and butterfly gardens. Enjoy a lunch or snack in one of the pavilions, and even plan a fishing trip. One visit to this park will remind you just how much you love Metro Detroit.

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