5 Reasons to Read with Your Child this Summer

It may be tempting to toss all books aside during summer break, but your child’s reading habits should not take a vacation. Before that novel gets traded for a beach ball, take a look at these 5 reasons to hit the books this summer.

  1. Reading will improve vocabulary and comprehension. – Kids learn new words and concepts through reading. No matter what grade your child is headed towards, building their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills will greatly benefit them.
  2. It will keep their minds working. – Many students fall into a slump over the summer and they may not receive the same mental stimulation they receive during the school year. Reading with them each day over the summer is a great way to get them thinking and to put their imagination to use.
  3. Their communication skills will improve. – Good readers become good communicators. A pattern of regular reading this summer is sure to help your child with both verbal and written communication skills in the fall.
  4. Libraries have awesome summer reading programs. – In addition to fantastic book lists, your local library may even have prizes for parents and kids who participate in their summer reading programs. These programs are a great way to make reading fun for your child.
  5. It will give them a jump start on the next year. – Summer break may be just about here, but before you know it school will be back in session. Keeping your child’s mind fresh by reading with them each day will allow them to dive into the school year without missing a beat.

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