College Road Trip: Visiting Colleges over Summer Break

If your child is not heading into their junior or senior year, visiting colleges this summer may be the last thing on your to-do list. Yet, visiting colleges early can be incredibly beneficial for parents and students. How so?

Get a feel for the Campus

No matter how great of a program a school has or how well regarded it is, if your child does not like the campus or feel comfortable there, it will not be a good fit. Many students know what schools they would like to attend as early as middle school, but they may only know what they have read or heard about them. Taking them to visit each contender as early as possible will allow them to narrow down their selection and have a clear goal in mind. As a parent, you will also feel more comfortable in their selection after experiencing the campus with them.

Receive Guidance First Hand

Is your child interested in certain programs offered by a college? Planning a visit can give them the opportunity to speak with someone in that program and ask any questions they may have. Maybe there are classes they can take at the high school level that will help them in their undergraduate. They may also receive advice on places where they can gain experience prior to college. An in person will offer you and your child perspective that simply can’t be gained from a brochure or website.

Every student attending Summit Academy knows that it is never too early to be college ready. Make the most of your summer and start planning trips with your child to their dream college.

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