How high could you climb if nobody was weighing you down? At Summit Academy North High, our students are empowered by the possibilities of a limitless imagination. Through collaboration, nurturing, diversity and technology, we guide our students on a quest to contribute their absolute best to the world and to themselves.


All students deserve the opportunity to be educated in a way that readies them for college. Our curriculum, which focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math), is fine-tuned to help students not only get into college, but to prepare for the intellectual challenges they will encounter once they arrive.


Every student deserves every opportunity to excel in their education. We work diligently to ensure that each student is able to walk across the stage with their classmates on graduation day and continue their education at a college or university. From free tutoring before and after school to our network of dedicated advisors and counselors, our students have access to every resource they need to have success.


We bring learning to life through a carefully crafted mix of traditional and modern teaching methods that keep classes fresh and exciting. Whether it’s using advanced technologies or working real-world topics into our lessons, we’re always searching for unique ways to energize our curriculums and relate more effectively to our students.


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There’s no substitute for a proper education. It’s the root of success, prosperity, and personal fulfillment. At Summit Academy North High School, we believe the responsibility of educating future generations is sacred, and we do everything in our power to validate the faith that’s placed in us by delivering an educational experience that helps each of our students reach their personal summit.

All great journeys start with a single step. Enroll your child today and pave their path to success.

  • Small class sizes

A smaller student-to-teacher ratio allows our curriculum to be more immersive, giving each student the attention they deserve. Our new online schooling option allows for a true one-on-one education.

  • College readiness focus

We use real-world problem solving and the latest technology to prepare students for their next academic year and, ultimately, college.

  • 100% College acceptance
  • Caring teachers

Our teachers are fully invested in each student’s success, taking individual learning styles into account to help every child grow in their own way.

  • Safe environment

Our no-tolerance bullying policy makes Summit Academy Schools a place where diversity and uniqueness are celebrated.

  • Tuition free


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