If you’ve been a member of the Summit family, you know that safety is our top priority. Tragic events throughout the country in recent years have forced school districts to reexamine their safety plans. At Summit Academy, we are always evaluating and improving our own safety plans to ensure the protection of our students and staff.

To heighten security, we have added cameras to each entrance, as well as a buzzer system at our front doors. This ensures that no one enters the building without first being seen by our administrative assistants. Historically, all of our doors have remained locked during school hours, with the exception of our main entrance near the office. This entrance is now locked from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm daily.

Summit Academy continues to welcome family members because we believe we must work together to meet the needs of our students, but please note that we have tightened up our safety procedures to ensure that all of our students are afforded the safest educational experience possible. We ask that every volunteer go through a background check via iChat which requires the completion of a form. We aren’t trying to make it difficult for anyone to volunteer, but safety must always come first for our students and staff.

We also organize several practice safety activities throughout the school year, including fire drills, tornado drills and building lockdowns. We always work in conjunction with local authorities to ensure that we have their best advice. We are fortunate to have our Liaison officer from the Huron Police Department present on North campuses.

We have consulted with security experts to review our safety plans, and will be working with consultants and our Liaison officer throughout the summer to review all of our plans once again this year.


Thank you for supporting our ongoing safety efforts.