There’s a popular saying in life that it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. At Summit Academy North, we believe the opposite to be true. The first few years of school are absolutely vital to a child’s development. It’s during these years when habits are developed, self-esteem is
strengthened and lifelong friendships with classmates are formed.

It’s also when a child’s love for learning is ignited.

Open Houses will be geared specifically toward our early childhood program
(pre-school and kindergarten). Attendees will have an opportunity to meet our
friendly teachers and administrators, ask questions and tour our wonderful facilities.
Come for the information, stay for the food, drinks and activities!

At Summit Academy North, we are enthusiastic about helping our students
begin their educational journey on the right foot! This passion is reflected in our uniquely designed
Kindergarten and Preschool programs, which set a foundation that our students build upon for
years to come.

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Learning begins with our unique and diverse curriculum. Nimble and robust, it gives our Kindergarten students a comprehensive early education in Science, Technology, Reading, Arts and Math. But c’mon, we all know early education is about more than just academic discovery! It’s also about
learning social skills. That’s why each day our teachers come up with fun, interactive activities that
teach students about sharing, leadership, teamwork and respect!

From our top-rate resources to our warm, welcoming teachers, there’s so much to love about our
Preschool and Kindergarten programs! Here’s just a sampling of what makes us so unique:

+ Individual Learning: Small class sizes allow our teachers
to work closely with students and ensure each child is
appropriately challenged. + 1:1 Technology: Each student has access to technologies
that bring learning to life. + Cultural Appreciation: We celebrate the different
cultures that make our school and community so bright!
+ Run, Dragons, Run! Our Little Dragons Cross Country
Team gives students an opportunity to stretch their legs
and learn the importance of competition and exercise. + Family Friendly: We’re committed to partnering with
families, so please volunteer!
We’re proud to offer 100% tuition-free Kindergarten
Need a ride?  Bus transportation is available at local hubs.
Our preschool program is located at our Summit Academy North campus. It runs from Monday through Friday (all half days) and costs just $60 per week!  Please contact the office at 734-789-1428 or visit our webpage at to enroll today.

We understand that choosing where to send your child is a big decision; one of the most important
you’ll ever make. We want to make the choice as easy as possible for you. Please call us at any time
so we can address any questions you may have and explain why your child’s future is in great hands
with Summit Academy North.

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Frank Nardelli
Principal, Summit Academy North Elementary School