Welcome to a school where the principal greets students with hugs and high fives; where teachers treat everyone like family; where tolerance and empathy are taught as rigorously as math and science. Summit Academy North Elementary is much more than a school; it’s a place where collaboration, community, and individualized learning come together to help students reach the summits of their potential.

Personalized Learning

No two children are the same, so why should every student be taught the same way? By keeping class sizes small, our teachers are able to identify students that need extra attention — as well as those that should be more thoroughly challenged — and mold their teaching styles around their individual needs.


We are committed to helps our students grow not only academically, but also socially and culturally. By exposing children to a diverse environment filled with classmates, teachers and administrators of various backgrounds and beliefs, they gain the emotional maturity needed to thrive both inside and outside the classroom.


Unlike some other schools, we encourage parental involvement at Summit. From earning better grades to developing stronger social skills, studies show that students are more successful when their parents are actively involved in their education. We work with all parents who want to play a hands-on role in their child’s education.


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There’s no substitute for a proper education. It’s the root of success, prosperity, and personal fulfillment. At Summit Academy North Elementary School, we believe the responsibility of educating future generations is sacred, and we do everything in our power to validate the faith that’s placed in us by delivering an educational experience that helps each of our students reach their personal summit.

All great journeys start with a single step. Enroll your child today and pave their path to success.

  • Small class sizes

A smaller student-to-teacher ratio allows our curriculum to be more immersive, giving each student the attention they deserve. Our new online schooling option allows for a true one-on-one education.

  • College readiness focus

We use real-world problem solving and the latest technology to prepare students for their next academic year and, ultimately, college.

  • 100% College acceptance
  • Caring teachers

Our teachers are fully invested in each student’s success, taking individual learning styles into account to help every child grow in their own way.

  • Safe environment

Our no-tolerance bullying policy makes Summit Academy Schools a place where diversity and uniqueness are celebrated.

  • Tuition free

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