About Summit Academy North Elementary Charter School

Summit Academy North Elementary is a charter school serving grades K-5. Located in Romulus, we service communities from Grosse Ile to Allen Park, and everywhere in between.

At North Elementary, we’ve fostered a family-like atmosphere that our staff, students and parents feel immediately upon entering our building. Our energetic teachers are at the top of their profession, always seeking new and innovative ways to make learning come alive. What’s more, smaller classroom sizes allow our teachers to give their students individualized attention, and tailor their teaching styles to suit each child’s unique needs.

Students at North Elementary are held to high academic standards. Their exposure to a variety of technological resources — including a state-of-the-art 3D Learning Lab — allows them to experience hands-on learning on a daily basis and in an entirely unique way. Instead of simply reading about something in a textbook, they can experience it in real life!

All students deserve an opportunity to learn in a safe environment, one in which they feel empowered to ask questions and be themselves. That’s why our behavioral standards are as rigid as our academic standards. We teach our students to celebrate each other’s differences, and we are quick to intervene if we see disrespectful behavior.

We are truly one big family at North Elementary, working in harmony to nurture your child’s social, intellectual and academic growth.